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Never forget an important date or event again.

Save time, money and keep on top of all those important events in your life. Get the rymindr app today #rymindrMe

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Information overload.

The average person receives over 120 emails, letters and text messages a day! Can you believe it!? We Know!

With everything becoming digital and on average one person having 3 email addresses, who has the time to go through all of those? Rymindrs mobile app separates the important stuff to help you not to miss anything important. Rymindr saves you so much time and money!

I love to spend days trying to save money! Said no one ever

Every year we spend BILLIONS of £££’s more than we need to by forgetting important dates and events, from essentials like renewals for car insurance, utilities like gas and electric through to forgetting car tax and MOT renewals. With email inboxes growing all the time and businesses sending most of their communication via email, literally millions of consumers miss or forget important dates or notifications and this ends up costing time and money!

Free up your time with rymindr’s app

This is where rymindr steps in. An easy-to-use app, which becomes your very own smart personal assistant and centralises all your important dates and events in one place to help make sure nothing important is missed. Share events, reminders and notes with your family and friends. Connect with businesses, schools and more, so they can share important reminders and notifications with you directly. The app will remind you to take action at the right times and will follow up to help make sure nothing important is missed.

Driving value and saving time and money is right at the heart of what this app has been designed to do. While we’re at it, doing something good for our schools.

Our Features

Your all-in-one personal assistant for
organised living

Get Organized and Stay on Top of Your Schedule with Rymindr: Say Goodbye to Overwhelm, Keep Everything in One Place, and Never Miss a Beat!

Realtime Reminders

Never miss an important event again. Easily create and share reminders with friends and family.

Receipts and Warranties

Keep all your important receipts and warranties safe in one place.

Chat Messenger

Say goodbye to spam and junk. Receive notifications from businesses and organizations.

Connect with
businesses and service.

Easily stay connected with businesses and schools, and effortlessly share important reminders with your friends and family.

Stay on top of your schedule with rymindr

Never forget an important task or event again! Set rymindr for meetings, appointments, birthdays, and more. Customize notifications to suit your needs, and stay on top of your schedule with ease.

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rymindr is committed to making a difference

rymindr members access time and money savings from the app. Our members nominate a school of their choice. rymindr shares its’ profits with schools & families for positive impacts. and making a difference in two key related areas:

The number is UK children in food poverty in the last year nearly doubled to almost 4 million. This has to change! No child should ever have to go hungry. rymindr shares profits to help fund meals for children.

Funding pressure on schools increasing. Bigger class sizes, no funds for supplies, cutting services. This has to change!rymindr Shares profits to provide essentials like schools stationary and more.

Unlock amazing benefits

For just £1.99 per month you can access thousands of discounts from local businesses and national brands. Save across categories such as every essentials, travel, days out, eating out and many more.

rymindr, much more than an app!

Become a rymindr Rewards Member and save time & money will exclusive rewards & discount

Struggling to get a GP appointment?

24/7, 365 days a year access to a GP for you and your family for £6.99 a month

Unlock exclusive benefits and discounts with rymindr rewards

As a Rymindr Rewards member, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts from both local and national businesses, backed by our trusted network of great companies!

What’s new at rymindr?

Stay in the loop with Rymindr’s latest features, blogs, news, and updates! Our team is constantly working to improve our app and provide the best experience for our users.

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Stay on top of your health
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Get the rymindr app and save big today

Save time, money and keep on top of important dates and events in your life with automated reminders