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by having important dates, events, notifications and more, automated!

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Information overload.

The average person receives over 120 emails, letters and text messages a day! Can you believe it!? We Know!

With everything becoming digital and on average one person having 3 email addresses, who has the time to go through all of those? Rymindrs mobile app separates the important stuff to help you not to miss anything important. Rymindr saves you so much time and money!

Time waste. Money waste

Every year we spend BILLIONS of £££’s more than we need to by forgetting important dates and events, from essentials like renewals for car insurance, utilities like gas and electric through to forgetting car tax and MOT renewals. With email inboxes growing all the time and businesses sending most of their communication via email, literally millions of consumers miss or forget important information and this ends up costing time and money!

Enter Rymindr

This is where Rymindr steps in. An easy-to-use app, which becomes your very own smart personal assistant and centralises all your important dates and events in one place to help make sure nothing important is missed. Share events, reminders and notes with your family and friends. Connect with businesses, schools and more, so they can share important reminders and notifications with you directly.  The app will remind you to take action at the right times and will follow up to help make sure nothing important is missed.

Hey John, it’s recommended that you have at least 6 months on your passport before it expires. You’ll have less than 6 months validity next month. Remember to renew.

Driving value and saving time and money is right at the heart of what this app has been designed to do. While we’re at it, doing something good for our schools.

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Real-time Reminders

Know exactly what’s coming up. As well as creating your own reminders, Schools, businesses and more can send you instant reminders. Easily share Rymindrs with friends and family.

Save on the essentials

Car, home, life, pet insurance & more. The app will remind you at the most opportune moments to take advantage of best rates, especially around renewals.

Easy Peasy

Our core ideas of simplicity shines through when using the app. Share reminders with contacts easily. Add Rymindrs by scanning QR codes.

Support the cause

Feel good by knowing you’re supporting your schools, especially when Rymindr’s saving you money at the same time.

Message Center

No spam, no ad’s. Just the notifications and messages you need in one place.

All reminders in one app.

As more businesses and schools register to connect with you through Rymindr, the app becomes your favourite central hub for all your important dates, events and more.

Rymindr Rewards*

Saving our users money and time is at the heart of what the Rymindr app is about. Our users benefit from discounts and offers from retailers and service provides, locally and nationally.

Performance and Security

Rymindr has been designed with speed, security and performance as core requirements. Our applications run on AWS servers. With top notch security, trusted by millions around the world.

Support schools in the UK and save money with rewards and services.

On a mission to make positive impacts to thousands of people, households, children and schools all over the UK. We’re making life simpler and fairer for people.  More information

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