Over 70% of UK schools are underfunded*
It’s time to change this!

Hi, we’re Rymindr and we help schools drive in more revenue & save time through the power of technology.
Rymindr is a social-tech business and through our products and services we aim to make positive impacts to everyone inside our digital eco-system.  We're making life simpler and fairer for people.

Where the need is the greatest

Together with our amazing supporters, we’re helping schools bring in more revenue using the power of the Rymindr app. Revenue that can help in so many ways, from extra staff, more events through to helping with equipment and more.

Rymindr benefits everyone insideour eco-system

Rymindr Communications Hub

Specifically designed for education sector. The Rymindr Communications Hub enables schools to connect with Rymindr users.
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Rymindr’s Mobile app

Connect, create, share important dates, events, notifications and messages. Support schools in the UK and save money with rewards and services.

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Rymindr Smiles

Strength in numbers! As we grow, on a regular basis we select a registered school and help out by giving the selected school extra money.

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Rymindr Connect for Business

Communicate directly with customers and colleagues. Rymindr Connect enables you to send and receive a variety of communications and can seamlessly integrate in your current communications flow.

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Whether you need more information for your school or would like to register, fill in form and our friendly team will reach out to you. We’re here to help.