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Helping where the need is great.

With news around the government looking to ‘levelling up funding between schools’ and the government’s pledge to boost educational spending, while this is a step in the right direction, it’s still falling short when you take into account growing demands on schools.
While campaigners, such as the National Education Union (NEU), National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) are playing a great part in lobbying for sufficient funding for schools, as we all know it takes time.

We’re coming through with a different approach with Rymindr which could significantly support schools with revenue to put towards childrens education. 

How Rymindr helps

Together with our amazing supporters,  Rymindr’s on a mission to save and support schools with over £150 million each and every year.

Rymindr Smiles is a fund with the purpose to support schools registered with Rymindr and who have been nominated by Rymindr users.  Each month, a number of schools are selected, our team then reach out and ask how we can help.  Whether it’s for educational supplies or maybe even a bigger project or requirement.

Schools win and households win with Rymindr.

With the huge jump with the cost of living and inflation, everyone is feeling the squeeze.  Rymindr has a clear vision and mission which is to benefit everyone inside the eco-system and we do this by offering members access to services which aim to make life simpler and fairer while saving households thousands of £’s.   Together with businesses working with Rymindr,  we share wealth with schools who are nominated by our members.

It’s simple: as Rymindr grows, more people, families, households and schools will benefit.

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Rymindr is growing fast and much of our success is due to our mission and vision behind Rymindr.

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