Courier agencies and delivery companies are busier than ever before, reason being that online shopping has now become all the rage and a majority of consumers now prefer to have their orders delivered right at their doorsteps. Some companies are kind enough to alert customers about an impending delivery through SMS.

Others simply send their delivery boys to your home or office without any prior notification, which often results in communication gap. If you aren’t present at your delivery address, chances are that your shipment might return to the place from where it was sent to you.

It is high time this entire arrangement got streamlined. Rymindr can act as the perfect troubleshooter and prove to be extremely handy to both the sender and the receiver.

Rymindr Likely To Make Courier Agencies and Delivery Companies More Efficient, Offer Huge Respite to Customers

When courier and delivery companies inform customers about the time of delivery, they do not really mention a precise time. This is probably because many orders are shipped in the course of a day and ensuring that a particular shipment is delivered on the dot at a particular time can be extremely difficult.

However, what these suppliers can certainly do is that they can send out notifications in bulk through Rymindr. Let us suppose that 20 shipments need to be delivered in one day, half between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the remaining between 2 to 6. The delivery company can alert the prospective receivers beforehand by sending them reminders through Rymindr.

Those who are to receive the shipments can have their doubts clarified and get minor readjustments done if permissible. Presently, getting any adjustment done is rather difficult and one major reason behind this is that courier companies are inflexible in general.

But when Rymindr is included in the scheme of things, many of the things that aren’t happening presently can begin to transpire and result in great convenience. Some of these are as follows:

  • The one who is to receive a courier can use the reminder sent to them to their benefit. For instance, they can place a special request that their order be sent to them before a given time, say 11 a.m., if they are not going to be available at the shipping address after that. This isn’t a very strong request and if it’s within their means, the delivery company should not be hesitant in fulfilling it.

  • Here’s another example: If you get a notification that your shipment will be delivered between say 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and you discover that you won’t be available at the delivery location during this time but will be present somewhere in its vicinity, you can request the sender for a minor alteration in the shipping address and if they are flexible enough, they shall adhere to your demand.

  • Many a time it happens that customers have their orders delivered at their place of work but if they are unavailable and their courier contains something significant such as a credit card, their shipment remains undelivered. To avoid this, customers can coordinate with the courier agency through Rymindr and find a viable solution to this problem.

    Chances are that after reaching an agreement, if you leave your identity proof at your office reception and the courier guy is apprised about this beforehand, he would have no hesitation in delivering your order even if you aren’t present physically.

So, you see that courier companies and customers are both likely to benefit immensely if they take a mutual decision to tap into the useful features of Rymindr.

PS – Sending out notifications in bulk through Rymindr will prove to be cost-saving for courier companies that are presently doing the same through messages and incurring extra costs.