More than anything else, what sellers yearn for the most is a proper customer base consisting of patrons who keep returning to them for making new purchases. A seller will really thank their lucky stars as and when this happens but a conscious effort needs to be made to this end. Interestingly, shopkeepers always wish that they had regular customers but few do what is required to achieve this objective.

Rymindr can serve as an ideal solution to the aforementioned problem. Retailers just have to make optimal use of this wondrous app, utilise it in a methodical way and the dream that they have nursed for long could soon become a reality.

While casual shopping is very much the order of the day, people do feel inclined to especially make a purchase when there is a special occasion. They could be buying for themselves or for others. It could be their or their spouse’s birthday. The reasons can be numerous but retailers are required that they cash in on such opportunities. Rymindr it is that can help shopkeepers zero in on past buyers effectively and encourage them to pay a visit and buy something again.

Specifically Targeting Past Buyers

Store owners actually do not have to make too much of an effort. They just need to politely inquire a person who visits their store whether a special occasion is warranting a purchase. If they reply in the affirmative, the seller can make an entry in their diary. This practice should never cease and when a certain number of entries have been made, that’s when it will be time to put Rymindr to good use.

As a merchant, you can carefully take note of each entry, set a Rymindr so what if the same occasion may nearly be a year away, and target your past buyers with some exciting offer or exclusive deal when their special day arrives again. It’s going to be one hell of an interesting gesture.

Just put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Your buyer may have completely forgotten that they bought something from you on a given day the previous year and out of the blue, they are reminded of their purchase along with an interesting deal. Many may find it hard to turn such an offer down.

Chances are that if you specifically target ‘x’ number of past buyers, ‘x/2’ may make a return visit.

Sellers deploy different tactics to ensure that they have a reasonable profit margin. More often than not, they have surplus stock that they can even afford to sell off free. It is these extra items that a shopkeeper can utilise to give a plum discount to their regular buyers. The one who is purchasing may feel that they are getting a cracker jack of a deal whereas the truth of the matter is the seller who is always driven by the motive to earn profits will continue raking in more money.

Rymindr has especially been launched to help individuals as well as entities avoid losses and be more productive and organised. This is another scenario where the software can again make a huge difference.