The cost of living crisis.
More than 1 million children unable to get free school meals

Together, let's end child food poverty and help support our amazing schools.

More than 1 million children unable to get free school meals face cost of living crisis.

No child in the UK should be going hungry. Analysis shows 1.45 million children who are ineligible for free school meals in the UK face going hungry in response to the rising cost of living.  Close to two million children in Britain get free school meals but fears are growing for children who do not qualify, because parents are facing the crippling cost of living, from food bills to the energy crisis.

Let’s end this problem together!

Rymindr’s working towards a future where no child goes hungry.  Rymindr shares its’ profits to support schools, households and children.  Together with our amazing supporters we’re able to pay for school meals for children who are affected by the cost of living crisis.  We believe together we can have amazing impacts through Rymindr.

Schools in England stretched to breaking point.

Education is taken as a basic right for our children, yet even today – in the 21st century – schools in the UK are facing a crisis in terms of underfunding that is unacceptable. Some schools, particularly small primaries, may no longer be financially viable.  Larger class sizes, cuts to subject options and pastoral support, school trips cancelled, extra-curricular programmes scrapped, and widespread job losses are very likely.  Rymindr is committed to helping schools where we can. We believe giving should be as much as a part of a business as receiving, so we’re on a mission to support as many schools as possible.

Rymindr Smiles is a fund with the purpose to support schools registered with Rymindr and who have been nominated by Rymindr users. While our users save money with Rymindr,  we share our profits.  Each month, a number of schools are selected, our team then reach out and ask how we can help.  Whether it’s for educational supplies or maybe even a bigger project or requirement. As they say,  every little helps.

Whether you have children or not, join the Rymindr revolution and together we can make a huge difference in supporting our schools to give our children the education they deserve, for this generation and the generations to come.

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Rymindr is growing fast and much of our success is due to our mission and vision behind Rymindr.

We want to shape the future of reminding by creating a unique ecosystem which drives unprecedented and opportunities for all our users and our ecosystem partners.


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