Anyone who organises an event is generally very gung-ho about it. An event can be anything ranging from a birthday party at home to say a baby show in a crèche. Then you have artists and performers who conduct programs like art exhibitions, musical shows etc. for which they send out plenty of invites. Unfortunately, what should be real fun all throughout from beginning to end starts becoming a real pain when you do not get the desired response. Not all invitees are responsive; many back out at the last moment, many forget about the invitation altogether and so on and so forth. The end result of it all is that the host starts getting seriously hassled and they wish they had a means that allowed them to manage everything better.

Rymindr is an ideal solution to the aforementioned problem. No sooner is this app used for coordinating with invitees who have already been sent an invitation, than things will get more streamlined. Here’s what the use of Rymindr could result in:

  • A host can send reminders to all their prospective guests at the same time. This thing is possible through messaging as well but with Rymindr, it can be done more conveniently and the impact will be greater. For an invitee, it will be akin to responding to an alarm.

  • When Rymindr is being used, one may not require anything else. This is because the app has an in-built chat feature that both a host as well their invitees can use if they intend to have a word with each other. In fact, the two parties can continue chatting till the very last moment before it is confirmed whether the two would eventually meet each other or not.

  • Through Rymindr, you can do a couple of other things to entice those who comprise your guests’ list. You can make an interesting flyer, which can now be done free of cost online and share it with others. Image sharing is possible through Rymindr and you can share a picture of the venue where your event is going to be held.

  • It often happens in the build-up to an event that the guests’ list begins to shorten and on the eve of the event, the size may become less than half of what it was initially. To ensure the remaining people on the list do turn up, you can again use Rymindr successfully by sending these people fresh reminders along with some special offers.

  • For instance, you can let the remaining people on the guests’ list know that each of them will get the opportunity to express their views and opinions and that their pictures and videos will be published properly on social media. This can be a very good ploy to ensure a decent turnout.

So, all you guys out there who have an event to organise, it’s high time you jumped on the Rymindr bandwagon and made the most of the features that this wondrous app offers to its users.