What does an airline want? That none of the seats in any of its aircrafts should remain vacant. Domestic and international carriers would like their passengers to talk highly about them and share rave reviews with others. In a similar vein, the ones who travel by air regularly may have same expectations from those whose flights they travel in. Flyers hope that their airline will bail them out of their predicament if ever there is a crisis. All this is only possible when you have something that streamlines and facilitates communication between the two parties. Rymindr, an unbelievably effective reminder app, can ensure seamless communication between an airline and its passengers.

To begin with, the day a flight is to depart from a particular location at a particular time, the airline it belongs to can send a reminder to all the prospective passengers. Normally, one does not forget to board a flight or a train but in today’s busy times, you never know. At least, the airline cannot be accused of not sending a reminder to its passenger on the date of journey. Air travelers generally get worked up around the boarding time and it’s only when they get their boarding passes and have the security check done that they start breathing easy. This is where proper communication can work wonders.

We all know that check-in normally begins 2 to 3 hours prior to the departure time of a flight and closes 45 minutes earlier. When the check-in is about to begin, an airline can again send a reminder to all its passengers who are to board the flight. This will put them on their toes and they will become more conscious about reaching the airport on time.

When a reminder is sent via an SMS, receivers can’t reply to it. However, when the same thing is sent through a reminder app like Rymindr, one can initiate a conversation with the sender through the chat service that the app is integrated with and have their doubts clarified.

Many may view this facility as unwarranted or rather a luxury but the truth of the matter is only those who travel frequently by air know how critical it is to be in touch with the airline staff whose flight they have to board and travel in.

What if you are getting late or are stuck in a jam? In such a scenario, if you succeed in apprising your airline about your predicament through Rymindr and they consider your request that you be allowed to board the flight even after the check-in time gets over, you’ll forever be indebted to the app that came to your rescue when you were really in a spot of bother.

Other than this, there are always some nagging concerns that bother air travelers when they are to travel by plane. They may be a little confused about the things they can carry in their luggage, about the charges they might have to pay if the weight limit is exceeded, whether they’ll be allowed to pay through card etc.

When Rymindr is there, the backend staff of an airline can ably respond to all such queries that their passengers can pose as they prepare themselves to board their flight.

The bottom line is Rymindr holds the key to facilitating communication between an airline and its passengers.