We were waiting for the next big thing and the arrival of apps ended our wait. Gone are the days when to use any online service, you had to surf the Web and patiently wait for some time before your requirement was fulfilled. Apps have both fast-tracked and streamlined this whole process. A good thing about them is that they can be used even when there is no Internet connection. But hey, isn’t technology evolving at a rate of knots in today’s world and if you feel your app usage is going to remain the same forever, here’s a wake-call for you.

For those of you who do not know, app integration is now a possibility. Here, we will discuss how Rymindr, an exceptionally good reminder app, can boost the functionality of a few other apps on being clubbed with them. We will first begin with notepad app, which provides mobile users with two very good options viz. text and to-do list. While the former can be used to make a note of important things, the latter helps you jot down all your pending tasks.

You can always keep referring to your to-do list to complete the work that you cannot afford to forget and that must be done mandatorily. However, what if your to-do list spares you this trouble and starts sending reminders for each of the scheduled tasks itself. This kind of facility can be availed when your notepad app and Rymindr start to work in tandem. No sooner are the two combined together, than you will start receiving alerts for the activities listed in your to-do list. Chances are that the notifications may start appearing on your smartphone screen a good hour or so prior to the allotted time. This way even if you forget to go through your to-do list, it won’t really matter as your phone itself will prompt you timely.

Next we come to apps that are used for booking movie tickets or for ordering monthly ration. Most of us do not forget to watch a movie once we book a ticket but you never know in today’s time. What if you book your ticket one week in advance and then get so engrossed in your work that you actually forget that you had a movie to watch in the weekend. To prevent such slip-ups, it will be advisable to integrate your ticketing app with Rymindr that will keep you notified and ensure that your booking does not go waste.

In a similar vein, you may book your monthly ration through your mobile app and may be informed about the time of delivery, which you may forget easily if you are not reminded about it again. When you get a reminder, you can be prepared to receive your order. You can collect it yourself and if you feel you won’t be present at the required time, you can make some other arrangement like asking your watchman to do the collection your behalf.

To sum it up, Rymindr integration is simply going to enhance the efficacy of the apps that are already in use.