90% of Rymindr users see their notifications
within 5 minutes of receiving them.
95% before the end of the day.

Now that’s impressive!

A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers

We pride ourselves with Rymindr being a platform where there is no fluff and no nonsense for our users.

Does your business need to communicate important reminders and notifications? From appointments reminders to renewal dates. From travel reminders to events dates.

We’d love your support

Come join Rymindr in our mission to help reduce the funding shortfall in our schools and in return we’ll save your business over 80% in communication costs and present unrivalled opportunities, while increasing your brand presence and customer service.

Not only that, you’ll have lots of exclusive rewards and services coming your way to say thank you, including great rates for business and commercial insurances, which by the way, also helps towards funding schools.

Rymindr is growing fast and much of our success is due to our mission and vision behind Rymindr and the amazing businesses who support us and the schools we help.

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