Banks have taken convenience to another level ever since they provided their customers with the option of net banking. Gone are the days when you had to visit the nearest branch to open a fixed deposit or buy an insurance scheme. Today, everything can be done online. But hey, isn’t sky the limit when it comes to technology and technological breakthroughs? So, it’s time banks gave another useful facility to net bankers, which will ensure that they remain well-informed about all their investments and due payments.

How nice will it be if they make it mandatory for an account holder to select the Rymindr option every time they avail any of the numerous options offered to them through net banking? This way they will err much less when it comes to paying monthly installments or renewing a policy.

Opening a fixed deposit is a common practice nowadays. If you go for the Rymindr option at the time of opening an FD, you may receive reminders one month prior to the maturity date and the notification may keep coming until you decide what you have to do with the lump sum.

Same will be the case with a recurring deposit wherein you will be duty bound to make a payment every month on a specific date and when you start receiving reminders beforehand, you can ensure you have appropriate balance in your account.

The usefulness of Rymindr will really come to the fore when you are alerted to pay your loan installments and monthly bills on time. While banks have resorted to the use of messaging to send important reminders to their customers, Rymindr is a totally different kettle of fish. It may send multiple notifications to you between “Bill Generation Date” and “Due Date” or prior to the “Recharge Date”. Some people choose the auto-payment option but even in this case, you need to have sufficient balance in your account.

While paying loan installments and making payments for phone and cable bills happen rather easily, electricity bills are a bugbear of many. You get your electricity and you learn about the amount and the due date. If you do not make a conscious effort to not be forgetful, chances are the due date may come and go and your electricity bill may still remain unpaid. However, when notifications keep coming from Rymindr, there is no reason why you won’t do the needful.

In the case of mutual funds, you will of course be reminded monthly about your premiums and Rymindr may also let you keep an eye on the returns so that you do not fail to liquidate your fund if you really get a chance to earn a fortune.

Insurnace policies again can be auto-renewed but when you are availing the services of Rymindr and will probably be reminded one month in advance about your policy renewal, you can do two things: a) decide whether you have to renew your policy and b) maintain the required balance.

So, you see how offering the Rymindr option to customers is becoming imperative for banks.