Preparing for roll out.

It’s brilliant to have you on board and no doubt you’ll be super keen to start using Rymindr and rolling the app out, but before you do,  take a read through the following information.

Consent from app users.  

Rymindr is completely consent driven.  An app user, whether that be a parent, student or maybe a staff member,  each person is required to give consent in order to start receiving communication from you. This is to ensure our users have control over who is able to share communication with them.  However, schools are covered under GDPR by using Public Task laws around processing data.  This means the data you already control can be processed by companies you have a contract with without the need for further consent.

Collect mobile numbers

Rymindr uses mobile numbers as a unique identifier. This means contact that you wish to connect with will need their own mobile number.
As well as sending email invites and communication from you, Rymindr uses text message invitations, which has been proven to be very effective to notify people that you are using Rymindr

Since Rymindr is already being used by thousands of people, it’s more than likely the contacts that you notify will already be familiar with Rymindr and how to connect with you.  Which makes everything a whole lot smoother and quicker.

Web app access

Our web app is accessible via a web browser, which means it can be accessed anywhere with internet connection.

Chrome browser is recommended.  You will need your login details and secure password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can request to have it reset by clicking on the ‘forgot password’  link on the login page.  Enter your email address and your unique reset link will emailed to you.  If you have not received the reset email,  do check your spam or junk folder, failing that contact us on and we’ll be happy to help out.

Download Rymindr for your smartphone

Rymindr is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.  Free to download.

Open this link directly on your mobile and it will automatically open Rymindr download page in the appropriate app store.  Rymindr