Rolling out Rymindr.

How to roll out Rymindr.

We’ve made it super easy for schools to be able to roll out the Rymindr app to parents, staff, students and more.

  1. You can send Rymindr Connection Request invites directly from the dashboard.
  2. Share your Connection code or Qr code.
  3. Email invites.
  4. Send letters home.

Also refer to how to connect to a school from the mobile app

 1. Rymindr Connection Request / SMS invites.  

You can send single or multiple invites directly from your dashboard.  Here’s how you can do that.

  • Login into your Rymindr account.
  • Click on ‘Contacts’ from the menu on the left hand side.
  • Click the button  ‘Add new contacts‘ from the top right hand side of the screen.

  • You now have options to invite a single contact or multiple contacts.
  • To invite a single contacts,  enter their mobile number.  If the mobile number matches a Rymindr account, the name will display.  Check the name and confirm the connection invite.
    • If the contact is already a Rymindr user, they will receive a notification with an option for them to connect with you.  Once accepted, you will be notified of a successful connection.  You can now send Rymindr, notifications, messages and more.
    • If the contact is not using Rymindr,  they will be sent an SMS message stating your school is now using Rymindr along with a link to directly download the app.  Once they have downloaded and installed the app,  your connection request will be there ready to be accepted.
  • To invite multiple contacts, there are 2 ways in which to add multiple contacts:
    • Paste or write the numbers in, with each number separated by a comma.  (See image below)
    • Upload a file with the numbers listed.  Note,  CSV’s, XLS or XLSX files are accepted.
    • As with single contacts,  if the contact has Rymindr they will get a connection request,  if not, then a SMS will be sent inviting them to connect along with instructions.


2. Share your Connection code or QR code.

Each registered school is allocated a unique code which is available either as a:

  • Code – for example RYM321, which can be typed in, or
  • A QR code, which can be scanned in.

This makes it super quick and easy for parents, staff etc etc to connect to your school.

Your code can  be found by selecting the QR code icon from the menu options from the top right hand side of your dashboard.

You’ll then be presented with your codes.

There are options to download the image, which then can be shared as required via email, social media, letters,  posters etc.

The other option is to share it directly with LinkedIn, Facebook or Email.


3. Email invites

Send direct emails.  Make sure your Rymindr Connection codes are included.  You can use one of our hand out templates from the support documents section.

4. Send letters home

Use a template from the support documents section.  Make sure your Rymindr Connection codes are included.