People have been hiring cabs for long and cab companies have duly obliged them. The entire arrangement is pretty convenient. You need a cab and you book it online. The cab company then sends you a message and probably a mail as well to confirm your booking. At the stipulated time, your cab arrives and takes you to your concerned destination. It all looks completely hassle-free but the truth is there are some loopholes in this set-up that need to be plugged. Rymindr, a new age reminder app, can definitely make the whole thing more streamlined.

Equally beneficial for cab service providers and passengers

You may be wondering what the glitches could be when anyone hires a cab and the cab company fulfills their request. Interestingly, there aren’t one but many issues that need to be sorted out. To begin with, once a booking is confirmed, a cab company normally sends an SMS to the customer with all the required details like arrival time, chauffeur’s name, contact number etc. When Rymindr is put to use, instead of messages, a cab company can actually send reminders to anyone who books a cab from them and not just once but at least thrice before the stipulated time arrives.

As far as passengers are concerned, when they get a confirmation message and have to inquire something, they normally have to contact the call center of the cab service provider. This takes time and is something that those who travel frequently by cabs find loathsome. Rymindr gives you the liberty to contact your cab service provider directly through the chat service and you shall be reverted to promptly. Whatever doubts you have, you can get them clarified. You might be curious about the kind of car that will be sent for pick-up, whether there will be ample space in its boot, whether the cab driver too can be contacted and communicated with through Rymindr etc.

As mentioned before, Rymindr could play a pivotal role in streamlining the entire practice of booking and travelling by cab. Here’s an interesting example:

Let us suppose that your flight is to land at an airport and thereafter, you have to travel by cab. We’ll also assume that you have done your booking beforehand. In a normal scenario, you’ll have to wait for the cab at the arrival and the maximum you can do is that you can converse and coordinate with the cab driver over the phone.

However, when Rymindr is there, you can keep your cab company updated about your latest status. In the chat service, the chauffeur can also be brought in the loop and you can exchange details with each other. For instance, you can have a discussion on how you can identify each other so that there’s less wastage of time.

At any airport, seeing a long queue of passengers waiting to book a cab for themselves is a common sight. Think about this. You are chatting with your cab driver and you let him know of the precise time when they must enter the airport and pick you up. This way, no sooner you come out of the airport, than your pick-up will be done. And it’s only Rymindr that can make this happen.

And again, when a cab company sends app notifications instead of messages, it will end up saving on its resources.

It’s for all this that we say that Rymindr is an ideal app for both cab service providers and passengers.