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With recent news around the government looking to ‘levelling up funding between schools’ and the government’s pledge to boost educational spending, while this is a step in the right direction, it’s still falling short when you take into account growing demands on schools.
While campaigners, such as the National Education Union (NEU), National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) are playing a great part in lobbying for sufficient funding for schools, as we all know it takes time.

We’re coming through with a different approach with Rymindr.

How Rymindr Helps

Our mission is to benefit everyone inside Rymindr’s Eco System. We’re committed to save and drive more funding into schools, all while benefitting our amazing Rymindr app users.

Schools, nurseries and universities spend £millions each year on communication. Rymindr turns this on its’ head by enabling schools to leverage the power of our platform to not only instantly save thousands on the cost of communication, but also to bring in much needed revenue into schools.

The Rymindr mobile app is being used by thousands of people every day to manage important dates and reminders in one centralised app and this puts us in a unique position to help schools.

The Rymindr Hub enables schools to tap into our ever-growing user base, requiring very little integration or additional expense. The reach of Rymindr is great, infact every school that has joined so far has found many of their staff, students and parents are already using Rymindr.

We’ve listened.

As agile technologists with strong objectives in developing technology to solve problems with no fluff, we’ve listened to our users and continue to do so. Our team strives to develop features that will be actually used by users and not just sit idle.

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Make sharing Rymindrs more impactful and meaningful

share important reminders for dates and events. Rymindr uses clever learning algorithms to help our users to keep on top of things. Whether you share an event or an appointment, Rymindr uses proven techniques to help make sure nothing important is not forgotten.

Message Center

Secure and simple, just like email, share important announcements, events, newsletters and more. No spam, no ad’s. Just the notifications and messages you need in one place. Delivered and read status receipts.

Organising events made easy with Automated Forms

Our automated forms lets you organise and manage important events such as Parents Evenings or Appointments. Mobile users can see real time availability and book time slots as required. All this and more can be managed from both the Communications Hub or the mobile app.

Connect directly with Live messenger

With live chat being so widely used, Rymindr’s live messenger makes is easy to personally connect and share important information. Instant messages can be sent and received. No restrictions on sending messages. Get fast responses from your contacts.

How is Rymindr helping schools?


We don’t believe schools should be paying thousands of £££’s for school communications.

Which is why we’re providing access to the Rymindr platform across all education institutions for one simple flat fee, removing current annualised costs which can run into the thousands. However! We’re committed in making positive impacts in schools. On average each one of our users generates £50 for schools registered with Rymindr and Rymindr Smiles. All our users are able to nominate a nursery, school, college, university directly from the app. This ensures donations raised are allocated correctly. Together with instant savings with using the Rymindr Communications Hub and the generated revenue, Rymindr can generate a big revenue stream.*


Schools to register for ‘Rymindr Smiles’.

Rymindr App users can nominate a school of their choice. Every quarter Rymindr donates extra revenue to help to selected registered schools.

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Enter your school postcode.

Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to our business and ethos and we’re committed to making a positive contribution.
Register your school and our team will contact you with further information.

Schools Get Involved

Rymindr is growing fast and much of our success is due to our missing and vision behind Rymindr.

We want to shape the future of reminding by creating a unique ecosystem which drives unprecedented and opportunities for all our users and our ecosystem partners.


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