I use Rymindr to keep track of appointments, tax returns and more.  When it comes to remembering i’m awful, so for me its awesome to have dates and events like these automatically setup.  I’m now using Rymindr for pretty much everything I need to remember. For my business , I get updates and reminders from my accountant. Personally, it’s a great way to highlight upcoming meetings, activities, and events.  It’s so easy to be able to share with my colleagues too! 

Create, automate and manage reminders in one place. Help your business by helping your clients and customers remember important dates, such as monthly PAYE payments, annual tax returns, appointments, Companies house renewals and more.

Tax scheduling made easy

As a busy professional, reminding clients of deadlines, meetings, appointments can be frustrating and time consuming task.

Rymindr is here to help you keep track of important dates for your business. With this dynamic app you can send automated text reminders to all with all the important dates and schedules. It not only alerts you of the upcoming important reminders, but also helps your clients keep organised too.
With Rymindr on your side, you can relax and still stay up to date

Important reminders & deadlines shouldn’t be missed

Stand out from the mess!

With an average person receiving over 130 emails, letters, text messages & telephone calls every day, it’s no wonder people forget or overlook important reminders, deadlines or notices.

Help your customers by automating important reminders for them. Rymindr act’s almost as a person assistant, it’ll help your customers remember important dates and times.

Schedule meetings

Instantly create your own meeting Rymindr.
Share it with your clients.

Direct communication

Instant messaging for your office, clients & customers.
Send ‘Rymindrs’ ahead of time.

Renewal Rymindrs

Create, track and manage renewals,
both you and your clients updated instantly.


Let Rymindr ensure your clients do not forget important dates, such as end of year tax returns.

Read receipts

See Who's received and read each message you send.

Group conversations

Facilitate discussions and team collaboration.

Easily reach everyone you need to.

Send ‘Rymindrs’ to anyone with the Rymindr App installed, it’s free to download and use from the Play and App stores!
Reach out to a single person or groups

Get started

Remind is built for schools.

iKeepSafe has certified Remind’s practices for the protection and privacy of student information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Great! We’d love to hear form you. Feel free to contact us here or alternatively you can always send us feedback via the app.

You will need a smartphone. You will need to be able to download and install applications form Google store and the Apple store.

If you lost your phone or just got a new one, you can simply download the app and login using your Rymindr account. Your Rymindrs will automatically be updated to the new phone.

As many as you like. There are no limits.